Christine Jouval Workshop - Fine Earthenware
575 Avenue Victor Hugo - 84400 Apt - France
Phone : +33 490 743 090

The workshop


Born in Roussillon at the foot of the ochre cliffs, Christine very quickly headed for a training in professional ceramics.

The town of Apt, which has always supported the faience industry, enabled her to be trained in the profession of ceramics in the 1980s in Apt. She continued with her apprenticeship with several skilled masters afterwards in various workshops in Apt.

Leaving Apt for a while, her passion was always apparent, and so several years later she combined the Atelier du Vieil Apt, where the art of Apt faience was preserved, with the skill of the Atelier Faucon. 

In 2013, Christine created her Apt workshop “Faïence en Lubéron” on the very site of former factories in the ochre quarter.



The ground in this place was full of ceramic faience potsherds in yellows and oranges, bearing witness to the 300 years of activity where the Bonnets, Coupigy, Bernard de la Croix and Leon Sagy all followed one another.

Going in, you can appreciate the craftsmanship – the relation with the earth is real, the workshop and the shop are all one, all the stages of manufacture are there. The shaping of the mixed and marbled clays, the stamping or throwing, the firing and enamelling: the clay enters the workshop in its raw state and is transformed into faience on the displays.
Influenced by other cultures, Christine offers the work of her hands in the service of this faience, bringing her feminine touch to the unique skill typical of traditional faience, the product of a long line of faience-makers since the 18th century.

The workshop produces pieces on commission with more elaborate, exceptional decoration, and also offers decorative pieces exhibited and sold within the workshop for sale.

We invite you to explore this, and share the emotion experienced by the ceramicist when the kiln is opened after a firing...